Standing Room Only

Standing Room Only: Six Strategies to Increase Lecture Attendance

We’ve all been there. We’ve agreed to give a lecture on one of our favorite topics. Knowing how important it is to engage our learners, we have studied, consulted, and come up with what should be a good lecture plan—one that meets the criteria for a powerful, effective learning experience. The time comes; we are ready; but where are our students? Our classrooms have very few of our registered students present. Our zoom screens show very few participants. And many of those participants are not live, responding learners—just a name on a screen. This zoom session offers opportunities to experience and select from strategies to ensure that learners value our lectures, plan to attend, and come prepared to gain deep understanding about the topic. Select from six proven strategies which promise “standing room only.”

Past attendees said this about the workshop:

  • “I was skeptical that any of these ideas would motivate my students to engage with my topic, but they really did help. My zoom students responded actively with great ideas on the chat and in the polls. Students rated the class very positively. Others spread the word that they would never skip one of my lectures on purpose again.”
  • “I got my first standing ovation when I tried these ideas out.”
  • “Dr. Rice left me feeling that her seminar was the most valuable of all of the breakout sessions I attended at this conference. She modeled for me how to help my students feel the same about my class.”
  • “Thanks for modeling, for mentoring, for teaching me to see in a new light, for giving me confidence that I can be a truly effective educator.”
  • “Gail made me see so many possibilities to reenergize my teaching and to reenergize learning for my students.”

A sample handout for the workshop

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