Formative Dialogues: Feedback Is A Gift

University campuses have long recognized the need for peer coaching to improve teaching and learning. It can be a daunting process to try to establish procedures for this to take place, however.  The Formative Dialogues process has been proven to show promise of providing true collegial support for excellent teaching and learning with minimal administrative support. Loma Linda University began a formative dialogues program in 2006, and many other campuses have followed suit. 

This half-day workshop, usually taught along with representatives from the requesting campus, can launch a program and certify colleagues to begin the process of observing others’ teaching and providing feedback, based on those observations.

This 2012 article describes formative dialogues at Loma Linda University

This video created at AdventHealth University shows what a formative dialogue might look like:

Here is a sample handout for a certifying workshop

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